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4 Easy Steps to a Mulch Bed Make Over

See how re-inventing your mulch beds is easier than you think.

Many homeowners dread the thought of pulling weeds and breaking their backs spreading thousands of pounds of mulch each spring. Or at the very least, they dread paying for it. The following steps are simple, yet fundamentally overlooked by many homeowners and landscaping businesses alike. Lets dive in.

Step 1:

Spray weeds with roundup or homemade vinegar mix.

Spraying weeds in beds is not only easier, but also exponentially more effective at killing weeds. Pulling weeds that are still alive will almost always leave a piece of the root system still in the ground. Weeds are unfortunately incredibly resilient and will inevitably pop back up in a week or less. Proper weed eradication means we must thoroughly coat (not drench) all weed material in beds. Allow weeds 7-10 days to fully brown and for the spray to do its job.

Step 2:

Remove dead weeds.

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